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If you are taller than 5'7" you may need extra length or if your measurements suggest a size larger than a 14, additional charges will apply and vary with each manufacturer. Bridesmaid manufacturers DO NOT offer standard sizing. Most bridesmaids dresses run smaller than normal clothes. Your measurements are used along with a size chart to help determine the best size for you. Dresses are not made to customer's measurements and in most cases, additional tailoring is necessary. Mira Bridal Couture consultants SUGGEST sizes based on the understanding that you have been professionally measured and those measurements are accurate. The size chosen is ultimately your decision Visit for sizing guide.
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Most Designer's charge an additional fee for size 14 + up. If this applies, please make the selection based on the dress designer and size you have selected.
$30.00 for 5" extra length
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Mira Bridal Couture will process, package, and ship your special order via UPS ground for an additional charge of $30. If your merchandise is being shipped out of state, you are exempt from paying the California sales tax. All merchandise and fees must be paid before shipping. We no not ship COD or bill orders. Please include your shipping address. (NO PO BOXES)
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Special orders are NOT made to customer's measurements and alterations are normally REQUIRED. Our staff will SUGGEST sizes based upon manufacturer size charts and measurements provided by the customer. The size chosen is your (the customer) decision. We strongly suggest customers have their measurements taken by a professional. The customer will assume full responsibility for sizing when measurements are not taken at our store, or have changed from the original measurements done professionally in store. Additional charges apply for rush cuts, women's sizing and extra length and vary with each manufacturer. Bridesmaid orders are finalized with our designers when the ENTIRE bridal party has been sized and a 60% deposit has been placed on each dress. Standard delivery is 12‐16 weeks based on designers estimated ship date provided once all orders are placed. These dates may vary by designer and and are always ESTIMATED dates. Any variation from this procedure may result in noticeably different dye lots and/or rush charges. Any changes made (size, color, style, etc.) must have written confirmation to Mira Bridal Couture within 24 hours of the customer submitting the order to Mira Bridal Couture. Any requests for changes after the 24 hour approval time frame will results in a $30 change fee if approved. Any cancellation after 24 hours of the order being placed will result in forfeiture of entire payment. We cannot be held responsible for dye lot variations or manufacturer delays beyond our control. Special order merchandise must be paid in full within 15 days of arrival. A $15.00 storage fee will be applied to any orders not paid in full or picked up by the 16th day. All merchandise must be claimed within 90 days of arrival. All merchandise must be paid in full before shipping. Final payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, via Paypal, or Cash. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS FINAL PAYMENT. Merchandise left unclaimed after 30 days of the scheduled wear date shall again become the property of Mira Bridal Couture and all monies paid shall be forfeited. Clients assumes responsibility of merchandise once it leave the store. Payments cannot be transferred to any other purchases. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. Prices and Policies are subject to change.We are most pleased to have the opportunity to serve you and we sincerely appreciate your business!