10 Tips for Bridal Sample Sale Shopping at Mira Bridal Couture!

Mira-Bridal-Couture+Sample-Sale When a bride hears the words "Bridal Sample Sale" it can be music to their ears! Where else can you find that designer wedding dress at sometimes 80% off? Where else can The Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom, and Flower Girls find the perfect dress for a better cost in your budget? Mira's Bridal Couture of course! It’s a great opportunity for you to find the dress of your dreams that you normally may not be able to afford at regular price.



Bridal Sample Sale is in full effect at Mira Bridal Couture! Bridal gowns marked up to 80% off and Cocktail, Formal, MOB/MOG, and Flower Girl starting at $19.99!  However, with any sample sale you go to there are certain things you will need to keep in mind, to make sure you find the dress that makes you say YES!


Below are 10 tips you will want to remember to make your sample sale shopping a success!

1. Do Research! Research Mira Bridal Couture, and find out what designers we carry that interest you and get a feel for your price range! That way when you come in you are prepared and we can easily direct you to the gowns which may interest you most. Don’t forget to remember accessories, like veils, belts, shoes, etc, as well.


2. Be Flexible! Remember that the beautiful dress you saw on the cover of the latest bridal magazine probably won't be at the sample sale, Dresses being sold are usually from a previous collection. Needless to say, all the gowns are extremely gorgeous just waiting for the most perfect bride to try them on. Come, try on the gowns that catch your eye! You never know what you are bound to fall in love with.


3. Be Early! The earlier the better ladies!! Our Sample Sale is first come, first serve.There will be no holds or lay aways. We have a wonderful collection of dresses and wedding gowns being put together for the sale starting July 7, 2015 at 11:00AM!


4. Dress appropriately! When trying on clothing us girls know that wearing something easy to slip on and off makes the process a whole lot easier. Proper underwear that will make you feel comfortable and a proper bra so that you can visualize while trying on without needing to tuck straps in, etc. Also refrain from wearing too much make-up. Such as bright colored lipsticks, due to the fact you will be trying on multiple dresses and we do not want you to have smeared make-up or get make up on the dresses.


5. Bring someone! Whether it’s your mom, or a friend, take someone with you who can be brutally honest. We all need that someone that we can ask for an honest opinion. However, due to the fact that our sample sales bring in a lot of clients we don't recommend bringing in strollers or small children due to no seating. If you have a question please feel free to call us at (209) 338-9333. Remember its first come first serve so the salon more than likely will be quite busy.


6. Don’t forget to accessorize! Its extremely easy to get wrapped up in finding that perfect dress that you very easily forget to accessorize! We will have a selection of accessories that will be sure to finish off your look perfectly. Sample Sales are a good place to find accessories at a much lower price.


7. Sample Sale Sizes! Don’t stay away from our sample sale just because you think your size is not available. In most cases the dress can be altered, check with our staff regarding questions. Some alterations are more difficult than others. For example if the dress is beaded, it may be more expensive. Keep in mind that its much easier to take a dress in than to take it out. 


8. Double Check! Did you find your dress? Check the dress for any missing beads, snags, stains, etc. All sales will be final so if you do see something that we may have missed please bring it to our attention before leaving the store with your dress.


9. Factor All Costs! Its quick to let the excitement of finding your dress make you forget of other costs to remember. Keep in mind that you will still have alterations, cleaning, pressing, of the dress to quite possibly add into your budget as well. We do recommend and awesome seamstress that is located her locally. Sewing & More Alterations by Arte in Modesto, California inside Roseburg Square.


10. Don't feel pressured! Don't feel like you HAVE to buy a dress just because its in your budget. Mira Bridal Couture wants you to buy a dress that you love. A dress that makes you feel lovely and perfect like every girl should.


The most important advice Mira Bridal Couture can give you is to enjoy the whole experience! Weddings are meant to be enjoyable and memorable, and finding the dress for the occasion is something you'll remember forever! We hope to see you July 7, 2015-July 11, 2015! Book your appointment today at Mira Bridal Couture! Call us at (209)338-WEDD(9333) Or simply click this link and request your appointment date and time.