Wedding: How to select the perfect bridesmaid dress with Watters

We love our new Watters social collections. They are perfect for Spring and Summer cocktail parties, prom, formal events, and of course weddings. Tanya posted a great blog for those of you getting ready to come shop with us for your bridesmaids. Booking your appointment is easy. Give us a call at 209.338.9333 or book through our website.



I’m back with another installment in the WEDDING series. It was very important to Taylor from the very beginning to make her bridesmaids and house party dresses special. As she says, the wedding day is about everyone feeling good and looking great in what they wear. We’re partnering with Watters to show you how to pick the perfect Bridesmaid Dress.


Remember how I said there are certain things you focus on when planning a wedding in my first installment? The bridesmaid dress is something Taylor started talking about from the moment she got engaged. Maybe it’s because she has been a bridesmaid several times before and knows the process. Fortunately for us, Watters is partnering with us for this story and we are thrilled to work with them!


While working with Watters on the selection of the dresses, we discovered that these 5 guidelines really help:

  • Plan in advance – Most retailers will tell you that 4 months is optimal
  • Be conscious of costs involved – Typically the bridesmaid pays for her entire ensemble (dress, shoes, accessories). This can add up quickly!
  • Consider all sizes and life stages of your bridesmaids – People come in many shapes and sizes. Be mindful of this and make sure that the style will work for everyone. An option is to use several styles and let your bridesmaids choose the one they are most comfortable with.
  • When choosing colors and styles think about how they will photograph – This is really important! Your wedding day memories will be captured by a photographer and videographer and those will be your lasting images for a lifetime. Does the color photograph well? Are there any wardrobe issues with the style you chose? Resolve all of this when selecting the dresses
  • Make sure the dress compliments the bride – A friend of mine once told me that the color of the bridesmaids dress should look good on the bride. Makes sense – they are all surrounding her in the pictures. A trick to help with this is have the bride try on the bridesmaids dresses too. Does the color look good on the bride?

While we are focused on bridesmaid dresses, I would be leaving out a huge part of the story if I didn’t tell you about their gorgeous collection of bridal dresses. When I say there is something for everyone, I’m not kidding. Be sure to peruse their beautiful collection hereWatters dresses can be found at all the best wedding boutiques across the country. For a listing of shops near you click here.

I can’t give away what we selected but I can assure you we have ordered the dresses and can’t wait for you to see them. There will be a final WEDDING blog post in the summer recapping all of our selections. Any guesses? A HUGE thank you to Sarah Kate and Camille for joining us so that we could see the dresses on them. This was so helpful in Taylor making her final decision.

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. We were thrilled that Xay Vongphachanh, Creative Director for Watters stepped in to our meeting and explained the design process to us. Bonus!

photo: Audrie Dollins