5 Things No One Tells You About Gown Shopping

5ST633-5SS638_Gwyneth-Tatum_Double 1. Don't go crazy with make-up! Wear just enough to feel fabulous. Being in a large beautiful room of white fabric makes you more aware of your appearance. Under-eye circles that were barely noticeable before, Pale pink lipstick is drowned out by fluorescent lighting. You don't have to get dolled up for your consultant; apply just enough so that you feel great. DONT apply self tanner due to possible damage of the gowns, YES it does rub off.

2. Consultants have a love hate relationship with the word YES. Be honest, tell them what you think exactly when you think it. If you don't, how are they suppose to know what you love and what you don't? They aren't the designer and you will NOT hurt their feelings. If its awful, SAY IT. In a room full of gorgeous gowns, you'll be sure to find the gown thats perfect for you. Take a deep breath. They are there to help you.

3. Trying on wedding gowns is hard work! Wedding gowns are so heavy that getting in and out of them is a workout in itself! You may feel as if you need a nap after your appointment. Take your time with each one, drink lots of water in between. You'll find yourself saying "Is it hot in here? or is it just me"

4. You'll make mom or grandmas day by trying on a dress they love -- Even if you want to roll your eyes at it. If Mom has been looking forward to this moment ever since you were little, give in to her just this one time and try on one of her favorites. You can't go wrong, She will either see that you were right about lace looking all kinds of wrong on you, or you may shock yourself by purchasing one of her picks, like most brides do.

5. You’ll have lots of signing to do! In order to buy a dress, you'll have to commit to a certain size ahead of time, and sign away your consent. Bridal gown sizes are a lot smaller compared to your normal dress size (a bridal size 6 is equivalent to a size 2 in "normal" clothes). So don't be surprised if your a size 6 normally and are recommended to order an 8. It's also important to bring shoes in the height of what your planning to wear for your wedding day! This way if you want a custom length, you're prepared!

Mira Bridal Couture wishes you happy shopping! We just know we can help you find your perfect dress and we look forward to seeing you!