The Best Way to Buy Your Wedding Dress


For many brides, one of the first (and most exciting!) wedding tasks they want to tackle is finding the dress. It's a magical moment and it's tempting to jump right in! We totally get it. But with so many shopping options, even figuring out where to buy wedding dresses can get overwhelming. Before you decide where to buy your gown, there are two key things to consider:

1. Your Budget. Once you know you've got, say, $2,000 to spend, you can figure out which stores carry gowns at that price point.

2. Your Venue. No matter how gorgeous the dress, what works at one venue won't necessarily work at another. A goddess dress on a sunny Cali beach? Perfection. A cleavage-flaunting fit-and flare in a Baptist church? Not so much.

Now that that's out of the way, it's a question of shopping style. Figuring out the best places to buy wedding dresses depends on how you like to shop. For some brides, online is the way to go, while most want the traditional experience of a bridal salon. 

At Mira Bridal Couture, we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful with all of our brides, no matter how small their needs might be. There are no secrets here, just open, honest and caring professionals wanting to help you in any way possible. Come by and feel what the best service in the industry is like. You won’t be disappointed!

At Mira Bridal Couture, we think finding the perfect dress should be a warm and cozy experience. We want you to kick off your heels and stay awhile.  We’ve done our job if you leave our boutique feeling like you just met some great new friends, and found the perfect dress along the way.  We realize your dress is not the only part of your wedding, so although our gowns range from $900-$4,000, we do our best to keep our average price around $1,500.

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