MBC's 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

It's totally normal as a new bride to not know what style dress is the dress for you. I remember when I went to pick out my dress, I thought my dress was for sure going to be a fit and flare style and thats all I wanted to try on. My mother talked me into trying on a ball gown at my second bridal appointment and there was no question, it was indeed my dress.

Here are MBC's 5 Tips to Remember when trying to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

1. Know Your Body Shape: When picking your dress, knowing what looks best on your body type is key. Do some research, it will make the process of elimination a whole lot less stressful.  2. Attend Shows: If you have a designer you love, take advantage of trunk shows! Visit the designers website, tell us what your in love with. It will allow your bridal consultant to learn a little bit more about you and will allow her ahead of time to pull the perfect dresses from the floor for you.

3. Set A Budget: Before stepping foot inside a bridal salon, select your budget. You won't want to try on gowns for "fun" because you just might fall in love with a gown that you can't afford.

4. Set Priorities: Buy your gown first! Its very easy to fall in love with a pair of stunning bridal shoes, or bridesmaids dresses. BUT you don't want to make your gown match things you have already bought. You want to buy your gown and purchase the rest to match YOU. Theres no such thing as buying your gown too early, but when you find it, STOP looking. If you're anything like me, everything bridal is gorgeous. 5. Keep It Fun: Invite a bridesmaid or family member to join you in your search for The Perfect Wedding Dress! Every girl loves a direct opinion from someone they love and trust. Make it a fun day, go to lunch, pop some champagne, ENJOY this day.



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