Mother of the Bride Writes Offensive Letter About Daughter's Maid of Honor

Mother of the Bride Writes Offensive Letter About Daughter's Maid of Honor By Evelyn Wang via Brides Magazine Published on September 11, 2017 Please never do this.

Weddings have been known to compel even the sweetest, cuddliest people to say some pretty questionable things, but what one mom wrote about her daughter's maid of honor is completely unforgivable. In a Dear Prudence column from last week, the mother of a bride wrote in with a question that had us super worried for the well-being of Twitter user Nicole Cliffe, who prefaced it with, "I am no longer of this earth. This letter has killed me." The supremely unclassy and deeply (deeply!) offensive letter started off fine, and then quickly swerved into the territory of Momzilla-levels unheard of:

Luckily, Slate agony aunt Mallory Ortberg was quick to shut it down, being high in hilarity and low in B.S.-tolerance: A: I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this letter. I encourage you to reread it and to ask yourself that time-honored question, “Do I sound like a villain in a Reese Witherspoon movie?” You are, presumably, sympathetic to your own situation and are invested in making sure that you come across as reasonable and as caring as possible, and yet you have written a letter indicting yourself at every turn. This girl is “like a daughter” to you, and yet you want to shove her to the side of your other daughter’s wedding just because she walks with a limp. Your daughter’s wedding will be perfect with Katie as a full and honored member of the bridal party. A limp is not a fly in the ointment; it’s a part of Katie’s life. It is not only wrong to have asked your daughter to consider excluding her best friend over this—it is ableist, and cruel, and it speaks to a massive failure of empathy, compassion, and grace on your part. You must and should apologize to your daughter immediately, and I encourage you to profoundly reconsider the orientation of your heart. We don't blame her daughter for wanting nothing to do with her mum. Of course, the letter's ridiculousness sent several Twitter users into a spiral of rage and confusion.

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