When groomsman Trevor Zakrajsek and his cousin, bridesmaid Kara Koch, were paired together for the wedding party entrance at his sister Natasha Zakrajsek's wedding in Snohomish, Washington, they decided to have a little fun with an otherwise stuffy tradition. While most bridal parties choose to wear silly accessories or pause for a playful pose, these two cousins did something totally different.

Trevor got the idea of an outfit switch before the entrance from another family member, who hails from Canada — according to the attendant, it's a more common tradition for our Northern friends and usually garners tons of laughs. So when they asked the bride and her groom, Jamie Amrhein, if they'd mind if the two cousins swapped outfits, the couple giddily agreed.


"We wanted to make the crowd laugh but more importantly the bride and groom — which I think we accomplished," Koch tells Brides. In the photo, above, the happy bride is hysterical as she watches her brother and cousin enter the reception in their new outfits.

"As we walked down the stairs to enter the room the crowd just burst out in laughter and cheers! We even got whistling," Kara said. But they didn't trade looks for too long. "After the entrance we walked around just to keep the laughs continuing and switched back short after. Suits are not made for me."

We have to say, this is one of the funniest — and most clever — wedding party entrances we've ever seen. Hats off to the clever cousins for bringing some serious laughs on this special day!

Photo: Anthony Scott Photography