Forget Bridezilla... it's Aunt-zilla!

We have all heard of over-bearing relatives or friends attending a bridal

shopping appointment and causing chaos with their own opinions. Sometimes it is

a close relative, a close friend, and yes, sometimes a mother.....Well, now we

see it via reality TV on last night's episode of RHOBH.

Paris Hilton’s mother could not keep her thoughts to herself as she went

wedding dress shopping with her niece Brooke.

While Brooke’s mother Kim Richards and aunt Kyle Richards got teary-eyed over the

pretty blonde during their shopping trip, Kathy was less accommodating.

23AFA69100000578-2858601-image-72_1417585981056 ‘It’s very pretty, but I don’t see it as the wedding dress,’ she said when she saw

Brooke in her first dress.‘It looks more like black tie.’23AFA51900000578-2858601-image-68_1417585704163Brooke, her mother and aunt looked stunned by the remarks and explained that

the wedding was supposed to be beach-themed.

23AFA6C900000578-2858601-image-73_1417585991764Kathy acknowledged that her niece was unlikely to want anything formal with lace or a high neck,

but would not let her thoughts on the dress go unheard.

Speaking her mind: ‘It’s very pretty, but I don’t see it as the wedding dress,’

Kathy said when she saw Brooke in her first dress. ‘It looks more like black tie’

Critical eye: Paris Hilton’s mother, stood front and center

as she eschewed her opinions on Brooke’s wedding gowns 

‘It’s very pretty but I don’t like it for you,’ she insisted.

‘There’s something that looks like a cocktail waitress.’

If I could send one reminder out there.....

This is the brides day, let her wear what she wants.

Brides, limit the amount of friends and family you want

to take with you. Once you purchase your gown we recommend a

'reveal bridal appointment'. Then you can invite your close friends

and family in to see your gown before your big day.